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Starting out in business can be a daunting experience, we are here to ensure you start off as you mean to go on. Good financial management of a business is key to its success, being organised and efficient makes everyones lives easier.

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Before you you decide what type of business you will set yourself up as; Sole Trader, Limited Company or a Partnership it is vital that you understand the differences between the options. We always start with an informal consultation, this can be in person, over the phone or by email, really we just need to get to know you and gain a better understanding of your business ideas and plans.


Ultimately the choice of company structure is yours, we will present the pros and cons of each company type and make our recommendation based on our experience and what we think your business needs. We will take into account the strategy you have in your business plan, allowing for rapid growth or something more sedate. We don’t say one size fits all just to suit ourselves, instead we recommend what is best for you.


Once you have reached a decision over the company structure it’s all systems go, we will take the strain and fill in all the forms (there are many…) We have trodden this path many times so we know the process and how to avoid the pitfalls when setting up your company correctly. It is very important to follow the legal framework and guidance when establishing your company, it avoids any issues down the line.


We operate a monthly payment plan that overs all of your requirements, spreading the costs over each month makes things easier for you, no nasty big bill at year end! As and when you need more help from us we will simply amend your monthly payment to reflect the changes and additional work.

The road to success

We like to use the analogy that running your business is a journey, and as a small business ourselves we understand that things can get lonely sometimes, that’s why we are always there for you. We don’t want to be the accountant that you hear from once a year… we would much rather you keep in touch throughout your trading year, that way we can advise you as and when you need help. Our success depends on the vitality of your business and in-order for your business to remain healthy and profitable you need dependable financial support.