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As a Contractor it is vital to ensure you’re trading outside IR35 legislation. IR35 regulations looks to tax people who are effectively working as an employee for their client through the disguise of their own limited company. We will help ensure you operate within the boundaries of the HMRC scheme by reviewing your current contract and assessing your IR35 risk.

The next step for us is to organise and maintain your Limited Company so you are always paid on time. We will assist with all aspects of managing your company, because we look after so many other contractors it is second nature to us.

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We will prepare all the necessary documentation for your year end including full and abbreviated sets of accounts.

The submission of your final accounts to Companies House is critical and needs to be done on time to avoid late filing penalties. We can submit abbreviated accounts that keep some of detail of your trading information confidential. All of our annual accounts and returns are prepared using up to date accounting software, ensuring the submissions are 100% accurate, from the information provided.


Recording day-to-day purchases and logging your invoices takes up valuable time, time that may be better spent on your actual business activities. Take advantage of our bookkeeping service and we will do everything for you. You will always be up to date with your accounts and have a much clearer view of your financial position. We process thousands of purchases and invoices each month, freeing up hours of work for our clients’.


Completing tax returns is another time consuming task that distracts you from running your business. Your return is not always straight forward and unless like us you are completing them over and over again they can take a while to complete correctly. Let us take care of the tax returns for you and your fellow directors.


If you are registered for VAT, taking care of your quarterly returns and submitting them on time can be very time consuming. This is particularly onerous once you have hundreds of monthly entries to account for. If we are managing your bookkeeping we will generate your VAT Return from our Sage software and file it electronically direct to HMRC. Let us take care of your VAT and you will save time and never be late with your submissions.

Credit Control

The cash flow of your business is critical to your success or failure. One of the key elements to a strong cash flow is being paid on time by your customers’. We manage Credit Control for many clients’ who simply don’t have the time or skills to professionally ‘chase’ payments. We build relationships with your customers and ensure regular communications take place between us and them. Invoices, credit notes and statements are distributed and followed up by email and telephone when required. In our experience good communication with your customers’ accounts departments is the best method of avoiding any bad debts.

Company Secretarial

As a Limited Company you are required to maintain company registers and submit documentation to Companies House. Failure to make these submissions on time will result in unavoidable penalties, that in some cases can be onerous. If you allow us to manage your Company Secretarial work all of your submissions will be made on time. Our systems are directly linked to Companies House so all of your submissions are made electronically. We can also act as your Company Secretary, and if required we can provide your company with its Registered Office address.